Chinese Canadian Legend Award 2019 – “Into a New Era, On with the Legends”

(May 16, 2019) The Chinese Canadian Legend (CCL) Award celebrates 20th
Anniversary with the announcement of its 2019 theme – “Into a New Era, On with the Legends” and the opening of nominations today to select 6 Chinese Canadians honoured for their exceptional contributions to Canada and worldwide community. This year also marked the inauguration of Chinese Canadian Legends Association (CCLA) – which will be dedicated to development of the annual Award and the book collection.

Since 2000, the Award has been presented by Asian Business Network Association (ABNA), with a total of 118 outstanding individuals awarded and 19 books published to showcase their legendary stories. Mr. Bammy Wong, President of both ABNA and the newly-established CCLA, stated that the mission of CCLA is to promote and recognize the achievements and strengthen the contributions of Chinese Canadians. Furthermore, it aims to promote and facilitate intercultural understanding and mutual respect for
diversified communities.

“Ever since launching the Award, we have never ceased to explore and reflect on our future direction and vision,” said Mr. Wong. “Thanks to the efforts of our team members, as well as the acknowledgment, participation and support from awardees and community over the years, the Award itself has become one of the most prestigious, influential and distinct awards. As we considered well-meaning suggestions and the nature of the Award being more literary than business-oriented, we resolved to forming a new organization dedicated to its own cause.

CCLA is honoured to have former Senator the Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy as Honorary Chair of the Advisory Committee, former Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba the Honourable Philip Lee as Honorary Advisor, Ms. Alexandra Ngan and Mr. Dennis Au-Yeung as Co-Chairs of Organizing Committee, Mr. Stanley Kwan as Chair of Selection Committee, Mr. Stephen Siu as Chair of Editorial Committee, Mr. Glenn Chan as Chair of Operation Committee, and Ms. Viola Poon as Secretary.

Organizing Committee Co-Chair Alexandra Ngan says the 20th year of the Award marks a journey that seems so swift and yet so splendidly grown; thanks to the ongoing support, encouragement as well as constructive criticism from the media and community at large. “As we look behind us and revisit our initial passion and purpose of organizing the Award, we haven’t forgotten our goal of promoting the power of positive spirit to rise
above challenge, overcome adversities and to care for others – through presenting the touching and inspiring stories of Chinese Canadians,” said Ms Ngan. “As we extend our vision towards the future, we aim to move “Into a New Era, On with the Legends”, and with this as our theme this year, we invite you all to join us to celebrate this triumphant spirit and create more legends together.”

Organizing Committee Co-Chair Dennis Au-Yeung says the goal of the CCLA remains the same as it enters the 20th anniversary milestone: to identify role models for our community, to acknowledge their achievements, and to share their inspiring stories with communities local and afar. He also believes that many legendary figures have yet to be honoured among Chinese Canadians around the world, and he encourages nominations
from all around to continue this meaningful event.

Selection Committee Chair Stanley Kwan says that nominations are open to anyone, regardless of position, gender, age, or how rich or poor they are, as long as the nominee agrees to be nominated. Exceptions are elected federal, provincial or municipal representatives who are in office. The Committee will consider nominees’ personal struggles to succeed despite adversary conditions, their fearless and courageous spirit, achievements, contributions, and their motivating impact on their friends and the

Stephen Siu, Chair of Editorial Committee, says the Award has made its mark in history by recording and publishing stories of distinguished Chinese Canadians in a book collection. Their contribution and determination have not just provided inspiration and
motivation for future and change in the community, but also become invaluable future reference for research on Chinese Canadian immigrants.

The book collections are kept in the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong
Library at the University of Toronto, as well as the libraries at University of Ottawa, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, and McGill University. Since 2018, the collections have also joined the Hong Kong Central Library, the libraries of the University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Chu Hai College of Higher Education and Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

Glenn Chan, Chair of Operation Committee says, “With the establishment of CCLA, we will be committed to getting more involved with the community through our work. Over the years, we have built up a 100-strong team of volunteers, with more than 60 teenagers among them. We will encourage and nurture their service in the community and build towards a better tomorrow.”
Nominations can be submitted in a nomination letter that includes the names of the nominator and nominee, their contact addresses, telephones, fax numbers and a biography under 1000 words. Nomination forms can also be downloaded from ABNA website
Submissions should be mailed to Chinese Canadian Legends Association: Unit 145 Royal Crest Court, Unit 44, Markham, Ont. L3R 9Z4, or by email: before June 30th 2019. All nomination information will be kept confidential.
This year, the CCL award gala will be held on Saturday Nov. 16 at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Markham. For enquiries, please visit or call (Camilla Tong) 416-292-6374.